• the agents and designers of consumer connection

      we are a marketing consultancy, we identify, develop and deliver sustainable consumer relationship opportunities for our clients







    • we believe


      ...trustful relationships aligned against a common goal has been at the core at every human accomplishment: the successful family, the successful community, and the successful business/brand.



      ...sustained business value is the result of aligned interests.





      ...that by creating better connections between people, businesses and brands, we can unlock benefits for all.



      ...in an increasingly complex and commoditised world, future success belongs to the brands that offer personal meaning to their customers.

    • we measure

      consumer connection, and leverage the data to design actionable solutions.

      Measuring connection is done with our own proprietary tool - The Brand Relationship Score. Developed over a year, The Brand Relationship Score diagnoses what type of connection a consumer has with your brand.


        It allows us to:

        • quantify / forecast the relationship strength / risks relative to the competition.
        • understand why - what factors are driving connection.
        • develop media and acquisition strategies based on competitor vulnerabilities. 
        • develop marketing / messaging strategies based on strong ties or weak ties relationships.


        Contact us below to get a copy of the 2016 Japan Marketplace Relationship Study

      • we design

        for consumer needs at three layers of brand to consumer interaction.



      • we deliver

        solutions for leading global companies across industries. We are headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. We would be happy to provide case studies of our work upon request.


        our capabilities:

        research and strategy

        design thinking, online anthropology, ethnographies, qualitative and quantitative research.

        data science

        statistical modeling, segmentation, forecasting

        web analytics, data architecture.

        experience design

        communications / media planning, concept development, content development, website / application architecture.

        project management

        production oversight, agile / lean project management.